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Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29109
  Leslie Boozer, Ed.D., J.D., Superintendent
     Email: Leslie.Boozer@fusd.net
  Cindy Stimmell, Executive Assistant
     Email: StimCS@fusd.net
  Valerie D. Montoya, Executive Assistant
     Email: MontVD@fusd.net

Chief of Staff   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29248
  Olivier Wong Ah Sun, Ed.D., Chief of Staff
     Email: Olivier.WongAhSun@fusd.net
  Tawny Bleeker, Administrative Secretary
     Email: BleeTM@fusd.net

Special Projects   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29115
  Shannon Miller, Director
     Email: MillSM@fusd.net
  Laura Parisi, Intermediate Secretary
     Email: PariLM@fusd.net

Athletics and Physical Education   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29271
  Ed Kearby, Coordinator
     Email: KearCE@fusd.net

Family and Community Engagement   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29175
  Marcelino Serna, Coordinator
     Email: SernMJ@fusd.net

Business Services Division

Business Services   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29117
Randal S. Bassett, Associate Superintendent
     Email: Randal.Bassett@fusd.net
  Maria Jauregui, Executive Assistant
     Email: JaurMD@fusd.net

Accounts Payable and Receivable  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29030
  Cathy Santilli, Supervisor
     Email: SantCL@fusd.net

Benefits  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29010
  Traci Matuguina, Coordinator
     Email: MatuTK@fusd.net

Facilities  (909) 357-7521, ext. 29462
  Robert Copeland, Director
     Email: Robert.Copeland@fusd.net
  Denese Vandervoort, Administrative Secretary
     Email: VandDR@fusd.net

Fiscal Services  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29145
  Bethany Figueroa, CPA, Executive Director
     Email: Bethany.Figueroa@fusd.net
  Valerie Simo, Administrative Secretary
     Email: SimoVG@fusd.net

Food Services  (909) 357-5160, ext. 29200
  Trieste Chiquete, Director
     Email: Trieste.Chiquete@fusd.net
  Haide Valadez, Senior Secretary II
     Email: ValaHA@fusd.net

Maintenance & Operations/Facilities  (909) 357-7520, ext. 29414
  Robert Copeland, Director
     Email: CopeRE@fusd.net
  Karen S. Woodall, Senior Secretary II
     Email: WoodKS@fusd.net

Payroll  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29356
  David Gruber, Accounting Supervisor
     Email: GrubDL@fusd.net
  Cassandra Tillman-Latham, Clerk Typist
     Email: TillCD@fusd.net

Purchasing  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29020
  Janie Rowland, Director
     Email: Janie.Rowland@fusd.net
  Deanna Williams, Purchasing Secretary
     Email: WillDE@fusd.net

Risk Management/Workers Compensation  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29033
  Larry Wilkie, Director
     Email: Larry.Wilkie@fusd.net
  Erika Alvarez, Senior Secretary II
     Email: GarcER@fusd.net

Transportation  (909) 357-5000, ext. 7510
  Mary Stevens, Director
     Email: Mary.Stevens@fusd.net

Warehouse (909) 357-7600, ext. 29534
  John Forrester, Supervisor
     Email: ForrJB@fusd.net

Chief of Schools - Elementary

Chief of Schools - Elementary   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29170
  Pamela C. Brown, Ed.D., Chief of Schools
     Email:  Pamela.Brown@fusd.net
  Beverly Villaseñor, Administrative Secretary
     Email:  VillBT@fusd.net

Deputy Chief of Schools - Elementary   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29170
  Joshua Lightle, Ed.D., Deputy Chief of Schools
     Email:  Joshua.Lightle@fusd.net
  Jessica Nunez-Ordaz, Senior Secretary II
     Email:  NuneJE@fusd.net

Elementary Instruction/Support   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29272
  Cheryl Ellis, Ed.D., Coordinator
     Email:  ElliCD@fusd.net
  Roberta Wynashe, Intermediate Secretary
     Email:  WynaRR@fusd.net

Chief of Schools - Secondary

Chief of Schools - Secondary   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29351
  Penelope DeLeon, Ed.D., Chief of Schools
     Email: Penny.DeLeon@fusd.net
  Shannon Block, Administrative Secretary
     Email:  BlocSL@fusd.net

Deputy Chief of Schools - Secondary   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29351
  Shelley Holt, Ed.D., Deputy Chief of Schools
     Email: Shelley.Holt@fusd.net
  Taleah Criner, Senior Secretary II
     Email: CrinTG@fusd.net

College and Career Readiness   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29182
  Vernell Deslonde, Director
     Email:  Vernell.Deslonde@fusd.net
  Natasha Hillenburg, Senior Secretary II
     Email:  HillNL@fusd.net

Human Resources Division 

Human Resources   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29046
  David Creswell, Associate Superintendent
     Email: David.Creswell@fusd.net
  Susie Villa, Executive Assistant
     Email: VillSR@fusd.net

Certificated Human Resources   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29045
  Brinda Leon, Director
     Email: Brinda.Leon@fusd.net
  Zulma Abarca, Human Resources Specialist
     Email: AbarZU@fusd.net

Classified Human Resources   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29368
  Tika Davé-Harris, MPA, Director
     Email: Tika.DaveHarris@fusd.net
  Eulina Morris-Davis, Human Resources Specialist
     Email: MorrES@fusd.net

School Police Services

School Police Services   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29064
  Martin Sissac, Police Chief
     Email: Martin.Sissac@fusd.net
  Sherri Sebo, Dispatch Supervisor
     Email: SeboSL@fusd.net

Student Services Division

Student Services   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29194
  Oscar Dueñas, Associate Superintendent
     Email: Oscar.Duenas@fusd.net
  Terrie Deitz, Executive Assistant
     Email: DeitTL@fusd.net

Alternative Education Programs  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29086
  Barry Tyler, Coordinator
     Email: TyleBE@fusd.net
  Michelle Rodriguez, Intermediate Secretary
     Email: RodrMS@fusd.net

After School Programs  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29184
  Jizelle Campos, Project Manager
     Email: CampJM@fusd.net
  Maria Acosta, Clerk Typist
     Email: AcosME@fusd.net

Central Enrollment Center  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29317
  Maria Arroyo, Coordinator
     Email: GuitMA@fusd.net
  Michelle Rodriguez, Intermediate Secretary
     Email: RodrMS@fusd.net

Child Welfare and Attendance  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29083
  Craig Baker, Principal on Assignment
     Email:  Craig.Baker@fusd.net
  Shirley Yamamoto, Senior Secretary II
     Email: YamaSM@fusd.net

Comprehensive Health Services  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29383
  Leslie Woodman-Moore, MSN, RN, PNP, Coordinator
     Email: WoodLD@fusd.net
  Dora Flores, Intermediate Secretary
     Email: FlorDE@fusd.net

Early Education  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29092
  Darcy Whitney, Director
     Email: DarcyW@fusd.net
  Virginia Rodriguez, Senior Secretary II
     Email: RodrVM@fusd.net

Special Education/Special Services  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29374
  Amy Foody, Director
     Email: Amy.Foody@fusd.net
  Aimee Raguse, Senior Secretary II
     Email: RaguAL@fusd.net

Teaching and Learning Division

Teaching and Learning   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29258
  Antonio J. Cediel, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent
     Email: Antonio.Cediel@fusd.net
  Patricia Christensen, Executive Assistant
     Email: ChriPL@fusd.net

Career Technical Education  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29180
  Tracey Vackar, Director
     Email: Tracey.Vackar@fusd.net
  Hazel Walker, Senior Secretary II
     Email: BurgHA@fusd.net

Categorical Programs  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29172
  Lisa Rivero, Director
     Email: Lisa.Rivero@fusd.net
  Deanna Beck, Senior Secretary II
     Email: BeckDL@fusd.net

English Learners Services  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29339
  Martha Duenas, Director
     Email: DuenMa@fusd.net
  Ceci Cabrera, Senior Secretary II
     Email: CabrCR@fusd.net

Grants and Fund Development   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29112
  Open Position, Director

Information and Accountability  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29103
  Linda C. Wing, Ph.D., Chief
     Email: Linda.Wing@fusd.net
  Ronda Christy, Administrative Secretary
     Email: ChriRJ@fusd.net

Linked Learning   (909) 357-7600, ext. 29180
  Garth Masik, Director
     Email: Garth.Masik@fusd.net

Teaching and Learning  (909) 357-7600, ext. 29169
  Tonia Causey-Bush, Ph.D., Director
     Email: Tonia.Causey-Bush@fusd.net
  Stella Jimenez, Senior Secretary II
     Email: JimeSA@fusd.net

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