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(Eric) Birch High School

7930 Locust Ave
P.O. Box 5090
Fontana, CA 92334
(909) 357-5310
Fax:  (909) 357-5319

Ofelia Hinojosa, Principal

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 Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a variety of programs that meet the diverse needs of our students in a safe, supportive environment and empower them to meet the challenges of a changing, multicultural society.

Vision Statement
"Encouraging all students to meet their full academic potential."

 School Description

Birch High School operates as an alternative high school program for the Fontana Unified School District.  Birch High School enrolls students 16 years of age and older, whose needs are not fully met by a comprehensive high school setting.  At this time Birch has an enrollment of approximately 458 students. The student population is a rich mixture of 79.02% Hispanic, 10.95% African-American, 7.46% White/Non-Hispanic, and 2.57% other ethnic backgrounds.


Problem Solvers

  • Use appropriate strategies to solve a variety of problems
  • Generalize from given facts, predict outcomes, and draw conclusions from a variety of sources
  • Use creativity to accomplish goals

Self-disciplined Individuals

  • Meet deadlines, remain on task, and produce quality work
  • Accept responsibility for their own academic success
  • Work independently and/or in groups to solve problems

Academically skilled

  • Read, write, and communicate effectively
  • Effectively use technological resources
  • Perform specific procedures correctly
 School Accountability Report Card

Our 2008-09 School Accountability Report Card is available online (Oprima aquí para español).

Please address questions, comments, and suggestions regarding this web site to:

Eric Birch High School - 7930 Locust Avenue - Fontana, California 92334 - (909) 357-5310