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There is no better place to learn than in Fontana Unified School District schools.  Our schools have a variety of academic and enrichment programs to provide your child with the best education.

  • The elementary schools in FUSD have either Kindergarten-Grade 5 (K-5) or Kindergarten-Grade 6 (K-6).
  • All FUSD's elementary schools are single-track schools that follow an early-start, traditional calendar.
Almond Elementary School K-6
8172 Almond Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5130
Fax:  (909) 357-5139 
Kathy Crowe, Principal
     Email:  Kathy.Crowe@fusd.net
Beech Avenue Elementary School K-6
9206 Beech Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5060
Fax:  (909) 357-7675 
Michele Mower, Principal
     Email: Michele.Mower@fusd.net
Dan Fitzgerald, Assistant Principal
     Email: Dan.Fitzgerald@fusd.net
(Kathy) Binks Elementary School K-5
7358 Cypress Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5030
Fax:  (909) 357-7562
Lorena Huizar-Rodriguez, Principal
     Email: Lorena.HuizarRodriguez@fusd.net
Canyon Crest Elementary School K-5
11851 Cherry Avenue; Fontana, CA  92337
Phone: (909) 357-5440
Fax:  (909) 357-7563 
Kelly Wilbert, Principal
     Email: Kelly.Wilbert@fusd.net
Chaparral Elementary School K-5
14000 Shadow Drive; Fontana, CA  92337
Phone: (909) 357-5450
Fax:  (909) 357-5459 
Rita Bayne, Principal
     Email: Rita.Bucheli@fusd.net
Citrus Elementary School K-6
16041 Randall Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5140
Fax:  (909) 357-5149 
Garth Masik, Principal
     Email: Garth.Masik@fusd.net
Nita Sandoval, Assistant Principal
     Email: Nita.Sandoval@fusd.net
Cypress Elementary School K-5
9751 Cypress Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5460
Fax: (909) 357-5469
Rosario Gomez, Ed.D., Principal
     Email: Rosario.Gomez@fusd.net
Adam Anderson, Assistant Principal
     Email: AndeAD@fusd.net
Date Elementary School K-5
9011 Oleander Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5240
Fax:  (909) 357-7567
Valerie Rogers, Ph.D., Principal
     Email: Valerie.Rogers@fusd.net
Open Position, Assistant Principal
(Dorothy) Grant Elementary School K-5
7069 Isabel Lane; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5540
Fax:  (909) 357-5549
Anne-Marie Cabrales, Principal
     Email: AnneMarie.Cabrales@fusd.net
Open Position, Assistant Principal
Hemlock Elementary School K-5
15080 Miller Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5470
Fax:  (909) 357-5479
Jean Joye, Principal
     Email: Jean.Joye@fusd.net
Juniper Elementary School K-5
7655 Juniper Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5480
Fax:  (909) 357-5483
Tammy Fleming, Principal
     Email: Tammy.Fleming@fusd.net
Live Oak Elementary School K-6
9522 Live Oak Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5640
Fax:  (909) 357-7571
Patricia Corral, Principal
     Email: Patricia.Corral@fusd.net
Locust Elementary School K-6
7420 Locust Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5650
Fax:  (909) 357-5659
Sylvia Rivera, Principal
     Email: Sylvia.Rivera@fusd.net
Mango Elementary School K-5
7450 Mango Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5660
Fax:  (909) 357-5669
Michelle Avila, Ed.D., Principal
     Email: Michelle.Avila@fusd.net
Maple Elementary School K-5
751 S. Maple Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5670
Fax:  (909) 357-5679
Michael Garcia, Principal
     Email: Michael.Garcia@fusd.net
North Tamarind Elementary School K-6
7961 Tamarind Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5680
Fax:  (909) 357-5683
Karolee Rosen, Ph.D., Principal
     Email: Karolee.Rosen@fusd.net
Oak Park Elementary School K-5
14200 Live Oak Avenue; Fontana, CA  92337
Phone: (909) 357-5690
Fax:  (909) 357-5699
Antonio Viramontes, Principal
     Email: Antonio.Viramontes@fusd.net
Oleander Elementary School K-5
8650 Oleander Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5700
Fax:  (909) 357-5707
Craig Baker, Principal
     Email: Craig.Baker@fusd.net
Julie Hansberger, Assistant Principal
     Email: HansJA@fusd.net
Palmetto Elementary School K-5
9325 Palmetto Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5710
Fax:  (909) 357-7578
Adele Thomas, Principal
     Email: Adele.Thomas@fusd.net
Open Position, Assistant Principal
Poplar Elementary School K-6
9937 Poplar Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5720
Fax:  (909) 357-5729
Darlene Duquette, Principal
     Email: Darlene.Duquette@fusd.net
Open Position, Assistant Principal
(Ted J.) Porter Elementary School K-5
8330 Locust Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5320
Fax:  (909) 357-5329
Jesús Luna, Ed.D., Principal
     Email: Jesus.Luna@fusd.net
Esperanza Sanchez, Assistant Principal
     Email: SancEs@fusd.net
(Virginia) Primrose Elementary School K-5
751 N. Maple Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5790
Fax:  (909) 357-5799
Alejandro Lopez, Principal
     Email: Alejandro.Lopez@fusd.net
Randall Pepper Elementary School K-5
16613 Randall Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5730
Fax:  (909) 357-5736
Randi Carbajal-Cuccia, Principal
     Email: Randi.Carbajal@fusd.net
Open Position, Assistant Principal
Redwood Elementary School K-6
8570 Redwood Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5740
Fax:  (909) 357-7573
Eduardo Gomez, Principal
     Email: Eduardo.Gomez@fusd.net
Shadow Hills Elementary School K-5
14300 Shadow Drive; Fontana, CA  92337
Phone: (909) 357-5750
Fax:  (909) 357-5759
Paul Pagano, Ed.D., Principal
     Email: Paul.Pagano@fusd.net
Sierra Lakes Elementary School K-5
5740 Avenal Pl.; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5270
Fax:  (909) 357-5279
Sandra Gray, Ed.D., Principal
     Email: Sandra.Gray@fusd.net
South Tamarind Elementary School K-5
8561 Tamarind Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5760
Fax:  (909) 357-5769
Joel Avina, Principal
     Email: Joel.Avina@fusd.net
Janet Bergquist, Assistant Principal
     Email: BergJR@fusd.net
Tokay Elementary School K-5
7846 Tokay Avenue; Fontana, CA  92336
Phone: (909) 357-5770
Fax:  (909) 357-5779
Rebecca Hinojosa, Principal
     Email: Rebecca.Hinojosa@fusd.net
West Randall Elementary School K-6
15620 Randall Avenue; Fontana, CA  92335
Phone: (909) 357-5780
Fax:  (909) 357-5789
Tammy Stringer, Principal
     Email: Tammy.Stringer@fusd.net

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Trying to find out what school attendance area you live in?  Use the School Locator to find out what elementary, middle and high school your children will be attending during the 2015-16 school year.

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The Governing Board desires to provide a safe school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities in the district's academic and other educational support programs, services, and activities. The Board prohibits, at any district school or school activity, unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the student's actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

To report any violations of the above policy, please contact:

Title IX: For student and employee violations contact the Director of Certificated Personnel, (909) 357-7600, ext. 29045
Civil Right: For student violations contact the Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, (909) 357-7600, ext. 29194
Civil Right: For employee violations contact the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, (909) 357-7600, ext. 29046