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  • Message from the Principal:


    Dear Juniper Families,

    Semester 2 is upon us and we looking forward to it with much anticipation.  To ensure our students benefit from the instructional program and the extra activities offered at our school, we must work together to ensure that students attend school each and every day, even in a distance learning model.  Starting in Preschool, parents have a very important role.  They must reinforce the benefits of regular, on-time school attendance.  The school can help parents believe in and share the following messages:

    • The more you are in school, the more you learn.
    • The more you learn, the higher your grades will be.
    • The better your grades, the more you will enjoy school.
    • The longer you stay in school, the more likely you are to succeed in career and life.

    Regular, on-time school attendance is a goal that can only be achieved with the cooperation of both parent and child.  Absences contribute to lost learning.  Parents must make every effort to schedule family events and appointments during non-school hours.  When absences are necessary, parents should call (909) 357-5480 to inform the school of the absence and send a doctor’s note upon return to excuse the absence in the event of illness. 

    With your help, I am confident that we can ensure that every student is at school, on time, and ready to learn each and every day.  Our goal is to prepare them for college and career, but we need them present and participating in order for us to reach that goal!  I truly appreciate your support and look forward to the second half of our school year. 



    Warmest regards,

    Tammy Fleming, Principal



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