Ted J. Porter Elementary School

  • Principal's Message 

    Porter will be a school site that successfully demonstrates research
    proven instructional strategies to engage and support student learning.
    This objective will be met through collective teacher efficacy/collaboration,
    consistent classroom observations and evidence-based feedback. The
    following are some examples and observable behaviors of what a Porter
    classroom looks like:

    • Inclusive seating arrangements.
    • Collaborative student atmosphere.
    • Explicit direct instruction during whole and small-group learning.
    • Print rich environment-Rubrics and points of reference for students
       to utilize.
    • Provide opportunities for students to think about, discuss, and
       evaluate content.
    • Engage all students in a variety of learning experiences that
       accommodate the different ways students learn.
    • Promote fairness, equity, and respect that values all individuals and
    • Build on students’ life experiences, prior knowledge, and interests
       to make subject matter relevant and meaningful to students.
    • Ensure that goals for student learning promotes critical thinking
       and problem solving.
    • Establish learning goals that are set for individual students and /or
       groups of students.

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