• Welcome to the FOHI Library!

    The mission of the Fontana High School library is to instruct and assist students in the use and acquisition of 21st century skills and to create an environment which fosters the love of reading in students and supports the curriculum by offering a wide variety of literature and information resources.

    The Fontana High School library is commited to collaboration and standards-based teaching within the context of the curriculum. We have adopted the four essential components of the California Model School Library Standards (Draft) which emphasize:

    1. Student Access to Information
    2. Student Evaluation of Information
    3. Student Use of Information
    4. Life-long Learning and Information Literacy Skills In addition to these components students will learn how literature is a bridge to a world beyond their own. Through literature students will learn about tolerance, citizenship, and an overall appreciation for diversity and cultures.


    Library Policies and Procedures

    Library Hours
    Monday - Friday
    7:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • It’s a good idea to place an easy-to-remove cover on textbooks to protect them.
    • Textbooks are the student’s responsibility. Do not loan out or leave your textbooks in any classroom.
    • The District Fee Schedule is available under "shared documents"on the Library’s web page.
    • Write your name only in the designated area of the textbook.
    • Notify the Teacher Librarian as soon as possible if your book becomes damaged, loss, or stolen.
  • Jill Schuster
    Teacher Librarian

    (909) 357-5500, ext. 6542



  • What happens if I lose or damage a library book or textbook?

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    Please remember any items checked out on your library account are your responsibility. Do not leave your books/textbooks in a classroom, do not let anyone borrow your books/textbooks. The cost of damages varies up to the cost of the book.You will be charged according to the District's Fee Schedule.

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  • How long is the loan period for library materials?

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    Students may check out library materials for a loan period of 2 weeks, with one renewal. Late charges are 10 cents per day/max $5.

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  • What is the maximum amount of library items I can check out?

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    The maximum amount of library items (including books and AV materials) that may be checked out to individual students is 10.

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  • When can I check out library materials?

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    Students may check out library items before school, during lunch, after school, and during class with a valid pass.

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