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  • Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO)

    Fontana A. B. Miller High School will prepare graduates to be:

    Responsible individuals who…

    • Respect themselves, authority, and others.
    • Resolve personal and group conflicts through positive actions.
    • Accept responsibility and consequences for their own actions.
    • Practice tolerance toward others in a diverse society

    Expressive communicators who…

    • Effectively express ideas through speaking, writing, and the arts.
    • Receive and interpret ideas through listening and reading.
    • Practice positive and socially acceptable interpersonal skills.

    Builders and planners who…

    • Set and achieve realistic goals.
    • Participate in the career exploration process.
    • Prepare to enter the job market, trade school, college, or military service.
    • Identify and develop their own creative talents.

    Effective producers who…

    • Display a strong work ethic.
    • Work individually and collectively to complete a task within accepted norms and guidelines.
    • Adapt in a responsive and positive manner to change.

    Literate individuals who…

    • Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and math throughout all content areas.
    • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of computers and other technologies.
    • Demonstrate the ability to think critically, analyze, and problem-solve.

    Students excelling in…

              Academics, Athletics, and Arts.