Fontana Middle School

A Message From Our Principal Dr. Chavez

  • Dear Fontana Middle School Parents,

    I want to welcome you to another exciting year at Fontana Middle School, home of the Mighty Trojans! It is an honor and a privilege to serve the students and parents of Fontana Middle School. I am grateful for our wonderful team of teachers and support personnel who work tirelessly to make our school a safe place for all children to learn. This year your children will learn to prepare their path to college…No Excuses! As educators, we understand the enormous responsibility we have in making this a reality for ALL students. We are fully committed toward ensuring that every single student reaches proficiency in all subjects. The path to college begins early. For this reason, we will work collaboratively across all grade levels to maintain an effective instructional program that will prepare every child for a four-year university if that is what he/she chooses. Success for ALL students is guaranteed when we establish a culture of care, academic opportunity, and achievement. Fontana Middle School teachers will promote this culture by embracing the following core beliefs:

    •All Students Can Learn at High Levels! All FMS Trojans Will Be Prepared for College and Beyond…No Excuses!

    •Active Parent Engagement is Key to Student Success!

    •Failure, Negativity, and Deficit Thinking are Not Acceptable!

    •Teachers and Staff Lovingly Serve All Students!

    •Effective Direct Instruction is the First Line of Intervention!

    •Formative Assessment Data will drive the Instruction.

    Our moonshot and overarching goal at Fontana Middle School is to prepare all our students to grow and develop into true conscientious leaders of tomorrow: Our highest expectation being that our students will, in turn. commit themselves to changing the world around them by working together toward ending poverty, hunger, racism, and all forms of injustice in their community and beyond – NO EXCUSES! We have made this commitment to excellence and service, but we cannot accomplish this vision without your support. The strength of our partnership will help our students overcome any obstacle that may arise. Our children need our support and encouragement to come to school on time and ready to learn every single day! They need to know that both their parents and their teachers have a genuine and uncompromising interest in their learning. We must work together to enable all our children to develop perfect attendance, excellent behavior, strong study habits, and a focus on learning. These essential qualities and a deep knowledge of self will prepare them to succeed in college and beyond. Together we will hold all our students to the highest academic and social standards...No Excuses! Only by working together, can we eliminate bullying from our campus. We ask that you become an active participant in your children's education. We encourage all parents to participate in our parent meetings (ELAC, AAPAC, School Site Council, and Parent Project) and events (Back to School Night, Awards Assemblies, among others). Dates and times of parent meetings and school events will be forthcoming. We have an open door policy to meet with teachers or myself to discuss the academic progress of your child.

    We look forward to a successful school year full of exciting challenges and tremendous growth as a true community of learners. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We promise that you will experience sizzling customer service and a genuine concern for the academic success of your child. Thank you in advance for the sacred trust you bestow on us with the education of your child and your unending support.

    Respectfully – At Your Service:

    Dr. Sergio C. Chávez Sr., Principal

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