• Please click here for the JHHS Schedule Change Policy


    Please keep in mind that the schedule change request is just that, "A REQUEST."  Counselors will do what they can to honor student requests. However, this is not always possible for several reasons, which include:

    • The class being requested is full (we must adhere to the maximum number of students allowed per teacher's contract)'
    • The class being requested cannot create an overloaded classroom in any part of his/her schedule after changes.
    • There are too many conflicts in the student's schedule.
    • The class is not being offered during the semester requested.
    • The student did not meet the prerequisites to take the course

    These are the appropriate reasons for requesting a schedule change:.

    • Open or missing period.
    • Duplicate class or period.
    • Class taken during Summer School, 0 period conflict.
    • Requesting a different teacher ONLY if a student has failed the EXACT course with the EXACT teacher previously.
    • Missing a class needed for graduation (Seniors Only).
    • Movement for appropriate placement into specialized programs.
    • Limited changes will be made to accommodate elective changes only when there is availability, and it is in the best interest of the student.

    These are not appropriate reasons for requesting a schedule change:

    • Schedule matching with friends.
    • Picking a favorite teacher.
    • Selecting a particular lunch.
    • Arrange classes in a preferred order.
    • Adding to a class that has no more seats available.

    To request a schedule change, please scan the following QR code:

    Or click on the following link: Schedule Change Request