Damages Due to Negligence

  • Parents/Guardians will be responsible for a maximum of $50 (per incident) towards the repair or replacement cost of either the laptop, charger or the protective laptop sleeve. This is in the event of damage due to neglect, intentional abuse or misuse. If the laptop becomes damaged, please report it to your school’s front office for further instructions.



  • Students will be assessed a $50 fine for the first laptop that is lost.  If a second laptop is lost, then it will be charged at the full replacement cost



  • A police report will be required for the stolen laptop so that a student can obtain a new laptop from the library. If a police report is provided, then the student will not be charged for the stolen laptop and the fine will be waived.

    Parents will be responsible for immediately filing a Police Report with the Fontana Unified School Police Department and notify the school once a theft has occurred immediately. Fontana Unified School Police dispatch is available 24 hours a day including weekends and can be contacted at (909) 357-5020. The Fontana Unified School police are located at 9680 Citrus Avenue Fontana, CA  92335.


Transportation (To and From School)

  • Transportation of your laptop is very important. Here are some helpful tips to keep your laptop secure:

    • Keep the laptop in a CLOSED protective backpack when traveling with the device.
    • Transport the laptop inside the protective laptop sleeve and inside your book bag or backpack to and from home.
    • Make sure your laptop is confined within a protective sleeve area of your backpack.
      • Avoid using the laptop in areas where damage or theft is likely.