Distribution of Equipment

  • January - March 2020, FUSD will begin to distribute the laptops for the one to one program at the high schools. Each high school has assigned distribution dates. The laptops will be distributed from the library to all high school students whose parents have signed the Laptop Distribution Agreement. Students will only have a laptop checked out to them, if they have the laptop distribution agreement when checking the laptop out from the library. 

  • Laptop and Accessories Information 


    Each student will receive the following: 


    • Laptop: Dell Latitude 3190 2-in-1 convertible 
    • AC adapter (charger) 
    • Brenthaven Laptop sleeve  
    • Mesh tip stylus (1) 
    • 3.5mm earbuds in a case 


    Dell 3190 Laptop        

     Laptop Sleeve          










    *Please note: Due to the nature of technology constantly evolving, equipment is subject to change.