Student/Parent Responsibilities

    • It is the district’s hope that the students/parents see this One to One Initiative as a privilege, not a right, and that by having access to the technology they are able to see firsthand how this opportunity could improve their child’s educational experience. 
    • Student will use the laptop responsibly and solely for educational purposes.  The laptop is being provided to expand the student’s learning opportunity.  The laptops are the property of the Fontana Unified School District unless otherwise notified. 
    • Any activity on the laptop that is in contrast to the district’s Student Acceptable Use Agreement may result in the student losing his/her right to use the laptop and have all network privileges revoked.  Anything pertaining to illegal activities is strictly forbidden.  
    • Student may not install or use any software other than software owned by and/or approved by the school and/or district.  No attempts should be made to modify or reconfigure the software image or configuration of the laptop.  In accordance with federal regulations, the student’s internet activity will be filtered to restrict access to controversial or inappropriate material. 
    • Student may not deface or destroy this property in any way.  Identification and inventory labels/tags have been placed on the laptop.  These labels/tags should not be removed or modified. 
    • Each student will be responsible for the laptop and accessories that they have been assigned.  Laptop and accessories will be returned to the school when requested, with the withdrawal from course or the school, or upon completion of the device lifecycle.    
    • If the laptop and/or accessories are damaged or become inoperable the student/parent may be responsible to pay up to $50 per incident toward the replacement/repair cost of the laptop or accessories.   
    • If the laptop and/or accessories are lost, missing, or not returned then the replacement fee for the first incident is up to $50.  If a second laptop or accessory is lost or missing it will be charged at the full replacement cost to the district. 
    • Laptops that are not returned when a student leaves, transfers, or withdraws from school will be considered stolen.