• Prom 2024 A Night In Disguise

  • If you purchased the Deluxe Cat Package your ticket will not be valid until you return a completed Prom Dance Contract to the Bookkeeper. Anyone attending prom must ride the charter bus to and from the Prom venue.

    • No tickets will be sold during class time
    • Tickets only sold during lunch & afterschool until 4:30pm
    • Dance contracts are available outside the Bookkeeper’s Office, in the ASB Room/I113


    No changes will be made once tickets and bus assignment is made. If you want to go on the bus with your friends, all persons must turn in their contract at the same time, and everyone must meet qualifications above to purchase their ticket.

    • ALL fees must be paid BEFORE purchasing tickets
    • Everyone attending must complete a Prom dance contract before they can purchase tickets
    • Student AND Guest tickets must be purchased at the SAME TIME
    • All guests must be 20 years old or younger
    • Bus assignment will be made at the time of ticket purchase