• What's Happening During the Month of March?

    Posted by Julie Bello on 3/1/2024

    When we reflect on the month of March, it is often associated with various notable events, such as March Madness, the onset of Spring marking the spring equinox, the reintroduction of Daylight-Saving Time, observance of Women’s History Month, Ramadan, and St. Patrick’s Day. March proves to be a month filled with significant occasions!

    At Canyon Crest Elementary, March is officially designated as the Month of College and Career Readiness. While we consistently promote a college and career-oriented environment throughout the school year, this month offers a focused exploration into the "World of College and Careers." Establishing a strong groundwork for College and Career Readiness holds great importance. By introducing fundamental skills at the elementary level, students begin to comprehend their potential contribution to something larger than themselves. This lays the foundation for cultivating a cohesive community of responsible individuals.

    Here is a List of  Core Curriculum Lessons for the Month of March:

    • TK/K: College and Career-What are they?
    • 1st: What are your Super Interests?
    • 2nd: Career Awareness-Career Treasure Hunt
    • 3rd: Career Clusters
    • 4th: Career Clusters-Finding the Right Fit
    • 5th: Does your future Career suit you?



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  • School Counseling Core Curriculum

    Posted by Julie Bello on 7/20/2023

    At Canyon Crest, School Counseling Core Curriculum lessons are delivered monthly to all TK - 5th grade students in their classrooms and throughout school activities. The curriculum consists of structured lessons designed to assist students to attain the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their developmental level.

    During the month of August 2023, the School Counseling Core Curriculum will focus on Getting to Know the Roles and Responsibilies of the School Counselor. In addition, the following lessons will be provided by grade level:

    • TK/K: Whole-Body Listening
    • 1st Grade: Super Student/Actively Listening
    • 2nd Grade: Responsibility
    • 3rd - 5th: Responsibility- Decision Making

    As we begin our school year, it's important for our students to develop "a positive attitude toward work and learning, self confidence in their ability to succeed, and the belief in using their abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes" (ASCA - American School Counselor Association (2021). ASCA Student Standards: Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success. Alexandria, VA: Author.),

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