• Teacher

    Charles Luo


Transport and Techonology Opportunities

Transport and Technology Courses

  • Transport and Technology I

    Grades 10, 11, 12

    FUSD Transport and Technology I is an interdisciplinary CTE course which explores the intersection of the business and transportation/logistics industries. Students will examine on the impact of logistics on business by analyzing the flow of products through the various channels of distribution and modes of transportation. Students will also be introduced to the topics supply chain, warehouse technology, inventory management, customer services, demand forecast, modes of transportation, procurement, and cross cultural communication.

    Transport and Technology II

    Grades 11, 12

    FUSD Transport and Technology II is an interdisciplinary CTE course that explores practical elements of business cross country borders. Students will develop business plans and form business entities with considerations of the global environment. Through a series of projects students will learn how to complete essential documents used in international trade and how to plan and implement international pricing and distribution strategies. Students will also explore logistical technologies that advanced businesses into the 21st Century including 3D printing, drones, robotics, and autonomous delivery.