• Why PBISAPP'S Surveys?

    PBIS Assessment is your space to manage, enter, and review survey data to improve your school’s PBIS implementation. 

    Implementing PBIS requires a commitment to evaluate both the systems and the practices supporting students every day. PBIS Assessment gives you access to the evidence-based surveys you need to measure the fidelity of your implementation, to understand its impact, and to start creating the kind of school where everyone feels successful.

    The Surveys

    PBIS Assessment has two surveys we use during the year: the Tiered Fidelity Inventory and the School Climate Survey. 


    School Climate Survey

    The School Climate Survey is a set of three surveys to measure how specific groups perceive school climate:

    • Elementary Grades 3-5
    • School Personnel
    • Families

    Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

    The TFI gives teams a single, efficient, valid, reliable survey to guide implementation and sustained use of PBIS. Using the TFI, teams assess the core features of PBIS at all three tiers – either individually or collectively.


    Who: Every school team assessing the outcomes of its PBIS implementation on students, families, and staff.

    When: At least once a year. If taken twice a year, the first administration should happen in the first 45 days of school; the last should happen in the last 45 days of school.

    Why: To understand the overall impact PBIS implementation has had on the way a school feels to its students, families, and staff.

    How: Open a new window in PBIS Assessment for each climate survey relevant to your school stakeholders. Send the anonymous link associated with each survey its corresponding stakeholder group.