Board of Education Frequently Asked Questions

  • The following answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the potential adoption of a Parental Notification Policy and similar matters is based on statements issued by the full Board and/or the Administration of Fontana Unified School District in recent months:

    1. Does the District have a parental notification policy?

    Yes, the District has a parental notification policy (5145.6) and can be found on the Board’s policy web page. This policy covers several areas of notification including student injuries, bullying, medical consent, media permission, and much more. For a complete listing of areas covered, please view (5145.6-E PDF (1).

    These provisions are consistent with existing policies and laws.

    2. Why hasn’t the Board placed an item on a Board meeting agenda to consider adopting a revised parental notification policy?

    The Board decided that since the legality of the proposed policy is under question by the courts, the Attorney General, and the California Department of Education, it is better to wait. This is a matter of great legal uncertainty at the present time, and arguably outside of the Board’s “subject matter jurisdiction,” making it a topic that is better addressed at a later time. This decision is appropriate under the law and the Board’s Bylaws concerning agenda items.

    3. Does the Board and FUSD support parental rights in education?

    Absolutely! The Board and the District fully support the idea that education starts in the home, and parents have the right to direct the social and moral development of each child.  The Board supports, follows, and enforces all existing laws that establish parent rights in the classroom and the schools.  The Board also supports and follows all laws that establish student rights. This is a delicate balance that must be adjusted with changes in the law from time to time.

    4. Does the Board or FUSD have a “secrecy policy” related to student information?

    No. FUSD has Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5145.3, “Nondiscrimination/ Harassment,” which is similar or identical to policies in other school districts.  It addresses the parts of the law that make certain pupil information private. In limited situations, the law prevents certain pupil information from being disclosed. However, the District encourages all students to be fully open with their parents on any matters addressed in the nondiscrimination policy.

    5. How much money does the District receive in Lottery funds?  How is it spent?

    District’s receive two types of Lottery funding. 

    • Unrestricted Lottery funds can be spent on any operational cost. Currently, FUSD receives $177 per average daily attendance (ADA) or $5,754,171.  This amount represents approximately 1.1% of the District’s total unrestricted revenues.
      • 100% of the unrestricted lottery funds are allocated to teacher salaries.
    • Restricted Lottery funds must be spent on instructional materials. Currently, FUSD receives $72 per ADA or $2,340,680.  This amount represents approximately 1.3% of the District’s total restricted revenues.
      • 100% of restricted lottery funds are used to purchase textbooks.