Handling and Care of the Device

  • To reduce the risk of damage to the laptop, and therefore the financial liability to you, it is important to handle the laptop with care. Listed here are the expectations of students in handling a laptop.

    • Keep the laptop in a safe place.
    • Do not place objects on top of the laptop.
    • Take care when inserting cord, cables, and other removable storage devices to avoid damage to the laptop ports.
    • When using the laptop, keep it on a flat, solid surface for air to circulate. For example, using a laptop while on a carpet or bed can cause damage due to overheating.
    • Keep your laptops away from magnets and magnetic fields, which can erase or corrupt your data.
    • No food or drinks around the laptop.
    • Never use chemicals or cleaning solutions to clean the laptop.
    • Avoid contact with objects, which could scratch or crack the laptop screen.
    • Protect the laptop from extreme temperatures (Don’t EVER leave it in a car!).

    Computer Dont's

Power Management

  • Students are to be prepared for class by having their laptop with them and fully charged. Listed below are management tips that can be used to ensure a student’s laptop is functional throughout the entire school day.


    • Shutdown the laptop and charge it overnight, every night. This ensures that any updates sent to the laptop take effect.
    • For prolonged periods of inactivity, you should shut down completely before closing the lid. This will help conserve the battery.
    • Reduce the screen brightness. The brighter the screen, the more power it will consume.

Increasing battery runtime

  • Screen Brightness