Office 365

    • Students MUST log into Office 365 to store their documents such as homework, essays, or other classroom assignments.
    • Office 365 can be accessed both at school and at home via any internet enabled device.
    • You do not need to create an Office 365 account for your student. An Office 365 account will be provided to your student by the school district.
    • Training will be provided to all students to help them understand the usage of their Office 365 account.

Accessing Office 365

  • To access Office 365 which includes the students email account, their online cloud storage, or some of the various Microsoft Office online programs, please tap or click on the Office 365/Student Email button shown below.

    Student Portal


    2. Students will be directed to the Microsoft Office 365 online portal login page.

    a. In the “Email or phone” field, students will use the following:

    Student ID

    b. The password would be the same password used when logging onto the computer.

     Office log in screen

    *If you are prompted to select an account type, select “Work or School Account.

    Work or School selection  

    3. This portal page allows students to access to other online resources such as Microsoft Word, Sway, OneNote, PowerPoint, and their email.

    Office 365 landing page


    Students can select the “Mail” tile to access their school email account.