Laptop Repair Process

  • We know and understand that accidents may occur despite our student's best efforts to take care of their devices or that unexpected problems may occur with the devices which are not the fault of the student (computer crashes, faulty hardware, software errors, etc.). Should repairs or replacement ever be required, the information provided below addresses the process for handling these situations. Do NOT attempt any repair on your own. Unathourized repairs can lead to further damage and/or voided warranties.  

    Repair Process

    1. Student takes non-working laptop to school library.
    2. Student provides details to librarian about laptop issues.
    3. Student is issued another working laptop. (Note: Any laptop that is turned in for repair, will not be reissued to the same student.) 
    4. FUSD Repair Depot troubleshoots the laptop. If the laptop is repaired under warranty, no fee will be assessed to student. If the repair is not covered under warranty, then the student will be charged a fee of up to $50 per incident. Includes but not limited to: Broken screen, missing keys, liquid damage, grafitti removal (including unathorized stickers).