• During the 2019-2020 school year, all students will receive the following Counseling Curriculum Workshops/Lessons: Stress Management and Coping Skills, Bullying Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Naviance-College and Careers Exploration and lessons, Goal Setting, How to Calculate your GPA,  A-G Requirements, and 6-8 Year Success Plans.

    In addition, 7th and 8th Graders will receive the following Workshops/lessons: Dangers of Vaping/E-Cigarretts, "Don't Forget to Like" presented by Kaiser Permanente to address bullying/cyberbullying.


    We encourage you to review the infomation provided with your child.


    Social Emotional Lessons:

     Vaping Prevention Lesson

     Bully Prevention

    Stress Management and Coping Skills

    Suicide Prevention Awareness/Kaiser Permanente, "Don't Forget to Like"


    College and Career Lessons:

    Naviance/Career Exploration/Career Cluster

    A-G Requirements


    Academic Lessons:

    Goal Setting

    Identifying MAP/CAASPP scores

    Calculating GPA

    6-8 Year Success Plan