Schedule Changes

  • The Schedule Change Request Deadline is 3:30pm on Monday Aug 9th, 2021 for Fall 2021 Semester.

    Please email your Counselor for any schedule change concerns. Counselors are assigned by students' last name. Click Here to view your Counselor's email address.

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  • Appropriate Schedule Changes are for the following Reasons only:

    1. Open or missing a period
    2. Duplicate class or period
    3. Class taken during summer school
    4. Requesting a different teacher ONLY if a student has failed the EXACT course with the EXACT teacher previously
    5. Missing a class needed for graduation
    6. Movement for appropriate placement into specialized programs
    7. Limited changes will be made to accommodate elective changes only when there is availability and it is in the best interest of the student


    Schedule Changes that are prohibited:

    1. Adding to a class that has no more seats available
    2. Schedule matching with friends
    3. Picking a favorite teacher
    4. Wanting a particular lunch
    5. Arranging classes in a preferred order