• Behavior Modification


    Behavior Interventions (Other Means of Correction) – Including, but not limited to:

    • Counseling – Scholars will be counseled by different staff members regarding choice of behavior.
    • Time-Outs – Scholars will be asked to go to a different classroom to finish the period.
    • Detention – Scholars will have to stay after school with the philosopher for minor misbehavior.  Detention may be up to one hour in length. Parents must have 24-hour notice.
    • Parent/Student/Teacher/Administration Conferences – Conferences with the student, his/her parents, teacher(s), and/or administration may be held to ensure appropriate behavior modification strategies are planned and implemented.
    • Office Detention – Scholars signs in to one of the offices and completes work for the remainder of a period.
    • Lunch Detention – Often used when scholars cannot stay after school because they ride the bus or have no way of getting home.
    • Saturday School – Scholars will be required to attend school on Saturday for four hours to make up time lost during the regular school day.
    • After School Work Program (ASWP) – Scholars will stay after school for a specified amount of time doing campus beautification (2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
    • Alternative Intervention Center – Scholars will be assigned to the AIC room for one to six periods (or multiple days) for continuous behavior violations in lieu of suspension when appropriate. AIC is located in room DWR1.  Scholars assigned to AIC will be counseled regarding their specific choices and helped to reflect on specific replacement behaviors.  Scholars assigned to AIC will have class work sent down by their teachers for them to complete and/or they will be working on the AIC philosopher's assignment. Scholars assigned to AIC will follow all protocols or face suspension.


    Behavior Consequences – Including, but not limited to:

    • Classroom Suspension – The philosopher can suspend a scholar from class for a total of two periods: The day of the incident and the following day.
    • Suspension - Scholars will be required to stay home under parent/guardian supervision from one to five days for Education Code violations.
      • During Suspension the following conditions apply:
        • Scholars must be under Parent/Guardian supervision.
        • Scholars may not be near or enter any school campus nor may scholars participate in any school activity.

    Note:  Failure to comply with the above mentioned conditions may result in a recommendation for expulsion.