Final Presentation Expo Instructions

  • Culminating Senior Project
    Final Presentation Instructions



    • Visuals (minimum of 2)

      • Must be an original and creative visual aid that demonstrates planning organization, and preparation.
        • Student-produced audio and/or video presentation
        • Photos from shadowing bound in a book or as part of a detailed collage are acceptable. Must include detailed captions and a minimum of 10 photos.
        • Self-constructed handouts displaying information about career (Not internet generated or copied from a brochure).
        • Student created slide show with a minimum of 10 slides
        • Portfolio of shadowing experience/research
        • Visual demonstrations or role playing presentation
        • Student created Power Point, Prezi or other multi-media presentation must include graphics or pictures from shadowing experience – not just text


    • Student created posters or tri-fold panels will be accepted

      • Must display information related to shadowing and research
      • Must include the following for the evaluator to grasp the idea of your project
        • Title
        • Summary – a complete summary of your project.
        • Goal – What is the purpose of the project? What is your original question or goal? Why was the project chosen?
        • Location –Where was your project performed (if you had a location)?
        • Your Name, English Teacher, Senior Seminar Teacher


    • Presentation

      • Neat, professional appearance (Dress for success)
      • Eye contact with evaluator(s)
      • Speaking clearly with appropriate volume, at an even speed throughout
      • Reference to visuals during your Q & A session – explaining them or using them to clarify points
      • Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm toward your topic
      • Correct grammar and avoid pause words (“like,” “you know” and “um”)
      • Few distracting mannerisms (fidgeting, swaying, playing with hair, chewing gum)


    • Be prepared to answer questions about your project