Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

  • bubble

  • easelly

  • Glogster

  • ​newsela

  • Powtoon

  • Smore

  • symbaloo

  • TedEd

  • Twiducate

  • Wordle

Digital Storytelling Tools

  • Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories as with traditional storytelling, most digital stories focus on a specific topic and contain a particular point of view.  However, as the name implies, digtial stories usually contain some mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music.  Digitial stories can vary in length, but most of the stories used in education typically last between two and ten minutes. 

Digital Story Telling Links

  • Animoto (online)

  • Storybird (online)

  • Windows Photo Story 3