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Fontana Unified School District – SCE Power Event Procedures

  • Fontana Unified School District is committed to creating the best possible learning environments for our students. This includes the quality of our facilities.

    As you may know, Southern California Edison (SCE) plans to initiate public safety power shutdowns across the state as a deterrent to wildfires amid extreme weather. This action is outside of the control of Fontana Unified.

    At this time, no such power shutdowns are planned that would affect Fontana Unified. If one is determined to be necessary, SCE is expected to notify the District 48 hours before the event (however there may be situations that prevent SCE from providing advance notice due to weather conditions and other circumstances beyond their control).  At that time, we will work with our schools to ensure adjustments are made so that adverse conditions do not disrupt the instructional day.

    At the earliest possible time, we will inform our families and staff of the planned power shutdowns and our strategies for ensuring our students and faculty are safe and comfortable. We will also provide timely updates during and after power shutdowns.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we prepare for these emergency measures designed to keep our communities safe.

    SCE power events also impact our FUSD Solar Program as these events shut down the solar power systems at sites because all power is distributed through SCE’s power grid.

    Below are examples of the types of outages that can impact FUSD:

    Types of Outages

    • Repair Outage:

    An outage caused by unexpected circumstances, such as traffic accidents or severe weather.  The District, along with SCE and the City of Fontana, work quickly to repair these types of outages.

    • Maintenance Outage:

     A scheduled outage that occurs when the power is turned off for routine equipment upgrades. Notifications are provided in advance if sites are affected by a maintenance outage.

    •  Rotating Outage:

    An extremely rare, controlled power outage that is enacted as a last resort when there is a statewide Stage 3 Emergency declared. Sometimes called a “rolling blackout.”

    • Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Event:

    During PSPS events, Edison proactively turns off power to help reduce the risk of wildfires. These events will primarily take place during extreme and potentially dangerous weather conditions. Turning off power is not something SCE takes lightly, and they consider many factors before a PSPS Event takes place.

    • Air Conditioning Shutdowns:

    Air conditioning at some district sites may turn off because our district is part of SCE’s Summer Discount Plan. For this program, SCE directly turns off air conditioning units during periods of high energy demand. For information or inquiries, please contact the district’s Energy Management Department at (909) 827-9551.



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