Please be respectful of the library!

    We welcome everyone, and expect ALL Kaiser Cats to follow school rules while visiting the library during and after school. 

    As a reminder, food and drinks ARE NOT allowed in the library.

  • Books on a book cart   

    School Books, Calculators & Laptop Check Out



    • Students must present a school ID to check out any school library materials.
    • Each library item is barcoded and checked out to students individually. Students are responsible for returning the exact barcoded items at the end of a semester or the school year, with the exception of laptops. (Students who exit the district must return their student laptop and charger)
    • See the Kaiser School Library Material Policy for details about lost textbooks, calculators, novels, and laptops or hotspots.



    Library Fees

    If a student receives a library notice informing them that they owe money for library materials, students must pay the ASB bookkeeper AND bring the receipt to the library to show the school librarians.

    *Student fees are not cleared until the school librarians clear them in Destiny*

    * Students are responsible for checking to make sure their record has been cleared for library fees owed*


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     Using the Library During Class Periods


    •  All students MUST have a valid school pass from a teacher or staff member AND show their student ID when signing in at the circulation desk during the school day.





      Computer Usage in the Library



    • Only one person at a time can use the desktop computer unless permission is given by the library staff.
    • All students must read and sign the Student Acceptable Use Policy (SAUA) before using school computers.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their own laptop chargers to charge their laptop in the library.


     Stack of Books   

    County Library Information 



    • The Kaiser High School Library is a joint-use facility with the San Bernardino County Library.
    • A county library card is needed to check out library books on the shelves (see school librarians for an application to get a free library card or sign up for a digital library card here.)