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    History of Fontana

    Fontana The city of Fontana and its schools share a history of growth that explains why the district has become such an enriching part of the community.

    In its early days, Fontana was a thriving agricultural center, yielding crops of oranges, grapes, walnuts, and assorted vegetables, as well as eggs, rabbits, and pork. The town adopted an early understanding of the importance of education, first holding classes in a community facility that also served as a church and social center in 1880, then with a tent school in 1892. The first permanent school was built on the corner of Locust and Foothill in 1895. The school district was established in the 1920's and unified in 1956.

    Fontana transformed from an agricultural center in the 1920's to a leader in steel production in the 1950's. Today, Fontana is a center for technology, industry, and commerce in the Southern California marketplace. Due to the significant population growth of the city, the Fontana Unified School District has grown to accommodate the children of the community. We now have 30 elementary schools (including a dual language immersion school), 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, 2 continuation high schools, and 1 adult school.

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    Opening Dates for Fontana Schools:

    Perdue or Perdew School (Grapeland) September 1880
    Tent School September 1892
    First Permanent School (Corner of Locust & Foothill) September 1895
    Sierra Seville September 1913-1953
    Declez September 1926
    Fontana Junior High School September 1928
    Slover Boyle School September 1930
    West Randall Elementary School September 1947
    Redwood Elementary School April 1950
    North Tamarind Elementary School December 1951
    Randall-Pepper (East Randall) Elementary School December 1951
    South Tamarind Elementary School December 1951
    Fontana High School September 1952
    Oleander Elementary School September 1955
    Adult Education 1957
    Poplar Elementary School January 1957
    Sequoia Junior High School September 1957
    Slover Special School (TMR) September 1958-1972
    Jurupa Hills Elementary School September 1958
    Juniper Elementary School September 1958
    Palmetto Elementary School September 1958
    Alder Junior High School January 1960
    Live Oak Elementary School September 1962
    Maple Elementary School September 1963
    Eric Birch Continuation High School September 1970-1994
    Cypress Elementary School September 1970
    (Slover) Virginia Primrose (TMR) September 1972-1979
    Virginia Primrose Special School September 1979-1989
    Slover Special School (SED) September 1979-1984
    Tokay Elementary School September 1982
    Chaparral Temporary Elementary School September 1987
    Locust Elementary School September 1987
    Southridge Middle School September 1987
    Citrus High School (temporary school) September 1988
    Virginia Primrose Elementary School September 1989
    Almeria Middle School September 1989
    Shadow Hills Elementary School October 1989
    Oak Park Elementary School December 1989
    Fontana A.B. Miller High School October 1991
    Canyon Crest Elementary School September 1992
    Mango Elementary School October 1992
    Hemlock Elementary School September 1993
    Eric Birch Continuation High School September 1994
    Ted Porter School September 1994
    Harry S. Truman Middle School September 1996
    Date Elementary School April 1997
    Citrus Elementary School September 1998
    Henry J. Kaiser High School September 1998
    Chaparral Elementary School October 2001
    Ted Porter Elementary School July 2002
    Sierra Lakes Elementary School July 2002
    Almond Elementary School July 2003
    Wayne Ruble Middle School July 2004
    Dorothy Grant Elementary School August 2004
    School of Language Development September 2004
    Summit High School September 2006
    Kathy Binks Elementary School July 2007
    Beech Avenue Elementary School November 2007
    Jurupa Hills High School August 2010
    Citrus High School (permanent) August 2011
    Dolores Huerta International Academy August 2016
    ACCESS Academy (online learning) August 2021