• Fontana Unified’s Forensic Science Course Inspires Budding Investigators, Law Enforcement

    Student in classroom

    FONTANA, CA – Fontana Unified high school and adult education students are receiving hands-on science education while exploring law enforcement pathways thanks to a forensic science course that teaches techniques for collecting and analyzing crime scene evidence. 

    Summit High enrolled its inaugural forensic science students in August 2018, joining Henry J. Kaiser and Jurupa Hills high schools, which introduced the course in 2013. 

    Teacher Anoopa Advani, who helped bring the course to Summit, also teaches forensic science at Fontana Adult School as part of its developing law enforcement career pathway. 

    “I felt there was a void in attracting students to the sciences and to a profession that offers many opportunities,” said Advani, who also holds a crime scene investigation certification. “By bringing local law enforcement professionals to speak to the class, we offer students career insights, teach practical experience and build community bonds.” 

    The course, which helps fulfill a-g graduation and college admission requirements, can be taken after high school juniors or seniors pass chemistry and biology classes. Sophomores also can enroll if they are taking chemistry concurrently. 

    Through applied lessons, students learn about toxicology, blood analysis, DNA analysis, forensic anthropology, microscopy (hair, tissue and fiber analysis), human dental/skeletal analysis and more. 

    Recently, Summit High students learned the skills and science behind fingerprint analysis, which included fingerprinting someone and analyzing ridge characteristics, identifying fingerprint classifications and practicing techniques to lift prints. 

    Forensic science is among several innovative courses offered in Fontana Unified that allow students to explore diverse academic subjects, professional pathways and hands-on learning experiences while preparing for the rigors of college and career.