• Recognitions at the February 6th Board Meeting

    During each monthly Board of Education meeting, time is allotted for recognition of students, staff, business partners, and schools that bring honor to the Fontana Unified School District and further its mission to improve the quality of education. There were several recognized at the Board Meeting on February 6, 2019.

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Student with the Board of Education

    Olaomuju Shittu, a 5th grader at Randall Pepper Elementary School, was selected to lead the Board of Education in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    "Ola Shittu is one of the brightest students I have ever had. She never settles for less and always tries her best and is successful due to her diligence. If she is challenged in her work, she never settles or gives up until she understands what is being taught. She also likes to tutor other students when she finishes her work and is loved by everyone that has the pleasure to meet her. She is truly inspiring and represents what it takes to do well in school. She is kind, funny, organized, highly intelligent and loves learning. She has a positive effect on the classroom and represents an outstanding student and role model." said Superintendent Randal S. Bassett.

    Fontana Veterans Association

    Fontana Veterans Association recognition

    The Board of Education recognized Summit High School, Fontana Middle School, and Cypress Elementary School for going above and beyond collecting packages for Veterans for the National Day of Service. Danny Marques, president of Fontana Veterans Association, presented three recognitions and a certificate of appreciation to the Fontana Unified School District Board of Education.