• Recognitions at the December 12th Board Meeting

    During each monthly Board of Education meeting, time is allotted for recognition of students, staff, business partners, and schools that bring honor to the Fontana Unified School District and further its mission to improve the quality of education. There were several recognized at the Board Meeting on December 12, 2018.

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Student with the Board of Education

    Keith Wickliffe, a 5th grader at Porter Elementary School, was selected to lead the Board of Education in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    "Keith is a model Porter Patriot. Keith maintains perfect attendance, exceptional grades, and a positive attitude. Keith has represented Porter at Math Field Day and is an academic leader in the classroom. Keith accepts and welcomes challenges that push him ahead. When asked about outside activities outside of school, Keith will always answer, 'I do my homework and read before anything else.' Beyond maintaining an excellent work ethic and his commitment to excellence Keith likes to ride his bike and be with his friends. Keith aspires to run track in high school and grow up to be a Police Officer. Keith wants to be rich someday, little does he know that he is already rich because of his dedication and perseverance. Keith’s heroes include his mom, dad and grandma, but to us at Porter he is one of our many heroes. Keith is perfect example of a Porter Triple A member – He ATTENDS – HE ACHIEVES – HE ASPIRES!" said Superintendent Randal S. Bassett.

    Fontana School Police Department

    Fontana School Police Recognition

    The Fontana School Police Department was recognized for lifesaving efforts. On Monday, October 22, 2018, Lead Safety Officer Joseph Huff was traveling on San Bernardino Avenue and Catawba Avenue when he encountered a car in the middle of the street. As Lead Huff approached the car, he noticed that there was a gentleman inside the car who was not breathing. He radioed dispatcher Efrain who was able to broadcast the information to responding officers. Sergeant Avalos arrived at the scene along with Officer Crowther, Officer Shaw and Corporal Shanen and began directing traffic. 

    When the gentleman was taken out of the car, the officers began performing lifesaving measures. Sergeant Avalos and Office Crowther began performing CPR. The rest of the officers that arrived began directing traffic, fortunately their actions allowed the paramedics to continue lifesaving measures. The gentleman was taken to the hospital where he was resuscitated and survived due to the fast response from the Fontana Unified School Police Department.”