• Dear Fontana Family,

    The Fontana Unified School District is currently in the process of creating a Graduate Profile.  This profile will be used as a roadmap to identify key skills that are essential for our students and will be used to help ensure that students are well prepared for the world at the end of their educational journey with us. You have been identified as an individual who has valuable input into this process.

    Our Graduate Profile Committee, along with input from our Superintendent’s parent advisory group, has reviewed, researched, and narrowed down these skills.  Our intention is to refine the list further so that we can have four or five key skills that we feel are essential to our students future success.  By taking a few moments to complete a brief survey, you will help us to prioritize these skills.   

    We understand that in order to truly make a difference for our students, we must all work together so that the Fontana Unified School District can provide the skills necessary for success in a world that we can only imagine.  Your input is a valuable part of this process. 

    Thank you for your assistance.  The students of Fontana Unified will benefit from your input and support.

    If you don't see the survey below, please follow this link to begin the survey:    Graduate Profile Survey - Click Here 

Graduate Profile Survey