• College/Regional Partnerships

    Fontana Unified School District places a high premium on preparing students for college, career, and beyond. As such, we have partnered with several reputable colleges and universities, including Cal Poly Pomona, California State University San Bernardino, Chaffey College, and Loma Linda University to promote academic excellence, dual enrollment, and offer social and mental health support to students and families.

    College Partnership Overview


    Cal Poly Pomona
    Academic Excellence

    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will provide a guarantee of services to all graduating FUSD twelfth grade students who meet the criteria. Cal Poly Pomona will do the following:  a)Encourage Cal Poly Pomona and District faculty dialogue regarding course expectations; b) Provide materials and information regarding Cal Poly Pomona enrollment, attendance, and event data to be distributed by FUSD and other feeder districts; c) Guaranteed priority selection to Admissions and Outreach sponsored or co-sponsored programs. Residential Intensive Summer Education Program (RISE), Native American Pipeline; d) Share freshman course expectations with Fontana teachers, counselors and administrators; e) Assist and support FUSD graduates at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with structured programs designed to reduce the college dropout rate; f) Facilitate financial aid and scholarship workshops for students and parents and distribute financial aid materials; and g) Assist with placement of qualifying students in internships, summer placements, or senior project assignments.

      California State University, San Bernardino
    Academic Excellence

    Beginning with the Class of 2018, all FUSD students who stay on track with attendance, grades and meet college entrance pre-requisites, known as A-G requirements, will automatically earn a place at Cal State San Bernardino. The A-G requirements are college preparatory courses in history social science, English, math, lab sciences and a language other than English. This partnership is part of a larger FUSD initiative to prepare all students for college and career, as set forth in the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), which was also presented to the Board of Education.
      Chaffey College
    Dual Enrollment

    Chaffey College will offer Autotech credit at Fontana High School’s Auto Lab. Courses include Autotech 450, 455, 10, 15, and 415. In addition, Chaffey Employment Development & Community Department will offer Not-for-Credit offerings at Citrus High School in the Control Systems Technician Pathway program that include industry recognized credentials in NCCER Core and Level 1.
      Loma Linda University
    Clinical and Instructional Programs

    Loma Linda has partnered with Fontana Unified School District to provide assistance in the areas of social/emotional and behavioral health services. Loma Linda’s Graduate School of Psychology will provide counseling interns to work closely with FUSD’s Special Educational Local Agency (SELPA) and assist in developing a comprehensive service model to expand services to more FUSD students.
      California Baptist University
    Employee Tuition Scholarship Program

    California Baptist University will grant a 10% tuition scholarship and $45 application fee waiver to all eligible FUSD employees who attend classes online, at CBU’s main campus, or at CBU’s Education Service Center for any bachelors, masters, credential, or doctorate program. However, if courses are hosted by FUSD, CBU will waive application fees and offer a 30% tuition scholarship to FUSD employees. Participants in a cohort hosted by FUSD must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units per semester at the undergraduate level or 9 units per semester at the graduate level to receive the 30% tuition scholarship. The tuition scholarship applies only to tuition, and no other fees (other than the application fee) will be discounted. The tuition discounts apply provided that student accounts remain current. The scholarship may not be combined with other institutional aid.
      University of LaVerne
    Guaranteed Admissions and Employee and Spouse Tuition Partnership Award

    University of LaVerne will provide to any current employee of FUSD, defined as a full-time employee or permanent part-time employee (substitute teachers do not qualify), an award that will be applied to cost of tuition based on enrollment status with the University. The University will extend this Partnership Award to spouses and registered domestic partners of FUSD employees.

    The Partnership Award is applicable to all degree and teaching credential programs offered by the University on the central campus, its regional campuses, and/or La Verne Online with the exception of the following programs: the traditional-aged undergraduate program at the central campus; all programs offered through College of Law; and the non-degree professional development courses.

    In addition, high school seniors who meet the academic requirements will be granted guaranteed admissions.
      Brandman University
    Employee Tuition Scholarship

    Brandman University will offer and fund Premier Partners Scholarships to FUSD for student enrollments in graduate and undergraduate degree programs at Brandman University (excluding School of Nursing & Health Profession degree programs, except for RN to BSN, and Competency Based Education programs) equivalent to the sums below. Brandman courses are priced per course per separate schedule:
    • Graduate degree scholarship = $183 toward each 3.0 credit course
    • Undergraduate degree scholarship = $150 toward each 3.0 credit course
    • RN to BSN scholarship = $50 toward each credit
    • Doctorate of Education scholarship (Fall 1 2016) = $95 toward each credit
    • Premier Partner MBA Cohort = $366 toward each 3.0 credit course
    • Summer 1 & Fall 1 2016 (Irvine, San Diego and Ontario Campuses only)
    • School of Extended Education = 10% scholarship on these open enrollment programs: Leadership Development, Business Certifications & Certificate Programs, and Technology Training.

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