• Additional Scholarship Resources.


    We encourage students to search and apply for many scholarships throughout their senior year. There are various platforms where students can search scholarships.

    Naviance National Scholarship Search

    The First platform is through their Naviance account. Under the college tab, they can click on My Scholarships, and complete a National Scholarship Search. The Scholarships they are eligible for will generate and they will be provided a list, website links, and deadlines.

    Naviance National Scholarship Search


    Going Merry

    This Website is a scholarship hub where a student can find various scholarships and apply for them, without being re-directed all over the world wide web.

    Going Merry Scholarship search


    Fast web

    This Scholarship search engine matches scholarships to your strengths, interests, and skills.

    Fastweb Scholarship Search


    Additional Scholarships Booklet

    Scholarships, tips and senior timelines