• Teacher

    Andrea Buchanan

Career Opportunities

Dance Courses

  • Dance 1                                                                         

    Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    Dance 1 is a comprehensive course that extensively covers the disciplines of ballet, modern, jazz, interpretive, and hip-hop.  It includes alignment and strengthening techniques for these disciplines. All students who are enrolled in Dance 1 are required dress out daily and participate.  They will also be assigned written assessments and research related to dance.


    Dance 2                                                                       

    Grades 10, 11, 12

    This year long course is designed to introduce students to advanced level concepts in jazz, ballet, and modern dance techniques.  Students will explore these dance forms and improvisational movements while observing, analyzing and critiquing their own works own works and those of others to monitor growth in dance skills and performances.  Students will also examine the role of dance in historical and contemporary culture and observe dance using an aesthetic perspective.  Training will include assisting students in developing the technical skills of dance and relationship between their person and body.  Student will gain hands-on experience by concurrent dance instruction and/or formal and informal performances in front of an audience.


    Dance 3                     

    Grades 11, 12 

    A course for advanced level dancers, which continues to develop technical and performance skills in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. In addition, this course advances the knowledge of dance history and choreography skills. Jazz shoes and ballet slippers are required for this course. Students are required to participate in the Winter and Spring Dance Concert as a final exam for first and second semester. This course may be repeated for credit.