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    Rebecca Cauchon

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Digital Photography Courses

  • Digital Photography                                                       

    Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                       

    Digital Photography is a yearlong introduction to the digital SLR camera and the image editing software Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This course covers basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera, lenses, and other basic photographic equipment. The course will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, exposure, light, and color.  Focus is on developing artistic and technical skills to enhance visual literacy and applications based on professional practice. Project-based assignments integrate history and current events.  Students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to use the tools competently in the production of their artwork and portfolios. Students will create their own blog site for their assignments and photography as a platform to share their work with the teacher and other students.


    Advanced Digital Photography                                     

    Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                 

    This is an intermediate course in photography. Traditional skills in the technical aspects of photography will be reviewed and the usage of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom will be expanded. Students will explore technical, artistic, and commercial aspects of photography, including advertising and fashion, photojournalism and documentary, portraiture, sports, photomontage, and mixed media.  The course will include on and off camera flash techniques, studio strobe usage, advanced digital camera operations, and further the experience with supported software. Class time will enable students to work on independent and cooperative explorations. Assignments are designed to help explore options for technical control as well as visual experimentation. Technical concepts are demonstrated and practiced. The class will also explore numerous experimental and alternative photographic methods in shooting, processing, and printing. Students will produce their own website to display their work and prepare a portfolio of work to post and exhibit.