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    I am the proud principal for Henry J Kaiser High School, home of the mighty Kaiser Cats. I am an educator that believes in the power of teamwork and equity. I work with staff, students, and parents to KREATEspaces where students feel welcomed, academics are rigorous, and teaching is innovative.







    Leading thinkers in education have challenged schools to think beyond the college ready curriculum*. They point out that with the changing demands of the 21st Century due to automation, artificial intelligence, and innovation, schools, especially high schools, need to focus on preparing students to take full advantage of the industries that will surface or to be ready to KREATE2 a new industry. As a result, Kaiser is determined to teach graduates skills that meet new industry certification requirements or teach graduates how to completely retool themselves in response to emerging industries embracing an academic model that is assets based, student centered, focused on literacy, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration with individuals with diverse points of view.

    Kaiser High School has a singular focus: “To graduate all Kaiser Cats on-time ready for the next 60-years.”

    Kaiser High School’s KREATE2 (Kaiser’s Renewable Energy, Arts, Technology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurial) is designed to prepare all Kaiser Cats for the demands of the 21st Century. Embedded in KREATE2 is a strong AVID program that provides students with additional supports and counseling. Also embedded in KREATE is Advance Placement (AP) Capstone which allows students to receive college readiness certification or a diploma with international validity from the College Board. We believe that Kaiser High School’s mix of electives, supports, college preparation programs, and dual enrollment with Chaffey College prepares all Kaiser Cats for college and beyond.

    Thank you once again in your interest in Kaiser High School and please contact me if you have additional questions.



    Jose A. Espinoza, Principal

    Kaiser High School

    “Together we build”