An Honor Unit With Distinction


    Our Vision

    Provide quality citizenship, character, and leadership instruction.

  • General Information

    Kaiser High School Army JROTC Battalion was organized in 2001.

    High School Cadets have no requirement to join the Military. In fact, less than 5% of cadets go on to a military career.

    JROTC Cadets that have completed 3 years in the program who join the military do so at a higher rank.

    The program was designed to teach citizenship, leadership, teamwork and commitment to community, career objectives and responsibility as young adults. Kaiser High School Army JROTC battalion has provided excellence while building strong, competent young adults.

    The goal of the Kaiser High School Army JROTC Program is to prepare our Cadets for the challenges of life beyond high school.

    We do this by providing our Cadets a learning environment that focuses on the tenents of Leadership, Integrity, Discipline, Responsibility, Teamwork, Service, and Courage.

    We implement these tenents in a controlled, practical exercise manner that serves as a "leadership lab" for life.

    Kaiser Cadets plan, develop, execute and assess most of the JROTC activities conducted during the school year.

    Our key performance objectives are to produce morally grounded students capable of critical thinking, making sound decisions, task organizing to accomplish a mission, managing their time and resources wisely and building functional teams.

    The Kaiser JROTC program is an integral part of the Kaiser High School academic and social curriculum and is widely respected throughout the district.

    Kaiser Cadets are held to high standards of ethical and moral behavior.

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