FOHI School Site Council

  • School Site Council (SSC) is required, under state law, to serve as the school community representative body for determining the focus of the school’s academic program and all related categorical resources. The School Site Council’s primary responsibilities include analyzing and evaluating the academic achievement of all students in the school and developing, approving, and monitoring the school plan and all related proposed expenditures.

    The Fontana High School Site Council is composed of 12 members ensuring parity, equal representation, between the parent/community/student members and the school staff members as follows:

    Parent/Community/Student Members:

    • 3 parents of pupils attending the school and/or community members, selected by parents of pupils attending the school
    • 3 students attending the school, selected by students attending the school

    Staff Members:

    • 4 classroom teachers, selected by classroom teachers at the school
    • 1 other school personnel, selected by other school personnel at the school
    • 1 principal, required to be a member of SSC


  • School Site Council dates flier