FUSD Recognizes Our 2019 Retirees

  • As we end the 2018-19 school year, it is also the time that we bid farewell to many outstanding employees as they retire. These staff members represent decades of dedicated service to the students and community of Fontana. Their talents, passion, and expertise will be greatly missed.

Year First Name Last Name School Title
2018-19 Amado Alma R. Harry S. Truman Middle School Outreach Liaison
05/25/19 Barlow Paulette J. Summit High Health Assistant
05/25/19 Barron Deborah Hemlock Elementary Teacher Aide (Sp Ed)
05/30/19 Bauer Kathleen P. Palmetto Elementary Teacher, SPED-RSP
05/30/19 Boul Robert P. Henry J. Kaiser High Teacher
06/30/19 Bradshaw Alexis E. Oak Park Elementary Teacher
06/30/19 Brockham Leisa M. Ted J. Porter Elementary Teacher
06/30/19 Brown Bonita S. Mango Elementary Teacher
11/01/18 Buffum Bennie L. Mechanical Systems HVAC Technician
06/02/19 Butterweck James R. Oak Park Elementary Teacher
12/31/18 Copak Maria R. Library Services District Library Specialist
10/02/18 Costello Jeffrey Oleander Elementary Custodian
12/01/18 Dailey Michael L. Carpentry Cabinetmaker
05/30/19 Decroo Tamara L. Oak Park Elementary Teacher, SPED
12/01/18 Dossey Beverly A. Cypress Elementary Kitchen Operator
06/28/19 Evans William M. Fontana A. B. Miller High Senior Custodian
05/29/19 Farmer Susan Locust Elementary Kitchen Operator
06/30/19 Farnsworth Louis D. Henry J. Kaiser High Teacher
05/30/19 Finley Marjorie C. Teaching and Learning Teacher - 4/5/6 Prep (Music)
06/02/19 Fredendall Elizabeth S. Ted J. Porter Elementary Teacher
05/29/19 Fritz Kimberly A. Live Oak Elementary Intermediate Clerk Typist- 2 yr.
06/01/19 Gamst Christina M. Fontana Middle Teacher
11/01/18 Garcia Eva Fiscal Services Fiscal Analyst
05/30/19 Garcia Teresa Cypress Elementary Teacher
01/12/19 Garza Thelma Teaching and Learning Teacher - 4/5/6 Prep (Science)
05/31/19 Gentile Molly P. Alder Middle Teacher
12/15/18 Giesking Donavan L. Sequoia Middle Math Intervention Teacher
05/30/19 Gomes Christopher L. Virginia Primrose Elementary Teacher
06/30/19 Gomez Herbert G. Oleander Elementary Teacher
12/31/18 Hall Deborah K. Accounts Payable/Receivable ASB Bookkeeper
06/30/19 Hall Tanya R. Sequoia Middle Teacher, SPED-SDC
05/30/19 Harris Steven J. Palmetto Elementary Teacher
06/30/19 Harwood Denise M. Date Elementary Teacher - LOA
05/30/19 Hernandez Ana M. Juniper Elementary Preschool Teacher
06/30/19 Hernandez Gabriel C. North Tamarind Elementary Teacher
05/29/19 Hernandez Regina Fontana High Intermediate Attendance Clerk-2 yr.
02/01/19 Herrera Alicia J. Oleander Elementary Preschool Teacher
05/30/19 Hines Kenneth D. Fontana Middle Teacher - SPED-LH/SDC
05/31/19 Homme Douglas D. Summit High Counselor
05/30/19 Hughes, Jr. William H. Henry J. Kaiser High Teacher
05/30/19 Huwald Kim Poplar Elementary Teacher
05/30/19 Ingram Elizabeth K. Palmetto Elementary Teacher
05/30/19 Inman Deborah R. Shadow Hills Elementary Teacher
06/28/19 Jackson Susan A. Alder Middle Teacher Aide (MS)
02/16/19 Jager Melanie Citrus Elementary Library Specialist
05/20/19 Jennings Lisa R. Eric Birch High Teacher
05/07/19 Jenyo Victoria L. Wayne Ruble Middle Kitchen Assistant
10/16/18 Kovach Diane C. Alder Middle Teacher Aide (MS)
02/20/19 Lamberson Daniel R. Mechanical Systems Electrical Technician
06/03/19 Lehrbass Gail A. Oak Park Elementary Teacher