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  • A Dog Called Homeless

    by Sarah Lean Year Published: 2012

    Cally Fisher knows she can see her dead mother, but the only other living soul who does is a mysterious wolfhound who always seems to be there when her mom appears. How can Cally convince anyone that her mom is still with the family, or persuade her dad that the huge silver-gray dog belongs with them?

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  • Finding Langston

    by Lesa Cline-Ransome Year Published: 2018

    Finding Langston is Lesa Cline-Ransome's superb first novel. The book is about eleven-year-old Langston, a young boy from Alabama who moves with his father to Chicago in 1946 after the death of his mother. The move jars Langston as he is forced to grapple with a new city, a new way of life, and a new school.

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  • I Survived the American Revolution, 1776

    by Lauren Tarshis Year Published: 2017

    I Survived the American Revolution. When eleven-year-old Nathaniel Fox runs away from his cruel uncle, he finds himself alone in New York City in the middle of the Revolutionary War! Young Nate soon meets an old friend and joins up with a Connecticut regiment as a camp helper.

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  • Juana & Lucas

    by Juana Medina Year Published: 2019

    Juana and Lucas. A Colombian girl takes on her greatest challenge—the English language—in this cheery series opener. Juana lives in Bogotá, where she enjoys life with her family and dog, Lucas. When English is introduced in school, Juana asks everyone she knows if she really has to learn another language.

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  • Keeping Score

    by Linda Sue Park Year Published: 2008

    A powerful story for both boys and girls, the Keeping Score spans five years as the Dodgers continue to lose and Maggie continues to face disappointment from her favorite team. While baseball is the highlight of Maggie's world, she is exposed to so much more when Jim goes off to fight in the Korean War.

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  • Lafayette! (Hazardous Tales)

    by Nathan Hale Year Published: 2018

    A captain at eighteen and a major general by nineteen, he was eager to prove himself in battle. When he heard about the Revolution going on in America, he went overseas and fought alongside Alexander Hamilton and George Washington for America’s independence. Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales are graphic novels that tell the thrilling, shocking, gruesome, and TRUE stories of American history. Read them all—if you dare! 

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  • Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds a Civil War Hero

    by Marissa Moss Year Published: 2011

    This fast-paced, high-energy picture book tells the true story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, who at age nineteen disguised herself as a man in order to fight in the Civil War. She took the name Frank Thompson and joined a Michigan army regiment to battle the Confederacy.

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  • Science Comics: Shark's Nature's Perfect Hunter

    by Joe Flood Year Published: 2018

    Dive in for an intimate look at the dynamic hammerhead, infamous great white, primordial megalodon, and the gentle nurse shark, the rare species that will let a scuba diver pet them! This book is filled to the gills with jaw-dropping illustrations and razor-sharp facts that shed light on these fascinating creatures of the deep, including their undersea terrain, cunning adaptability, and staggering variety.

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  • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

    by Kate DiCamillo Year Published: 2006

    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo is the story of Edward Tulane, a china rabbit who becomes lost from the little girl who loves him. His travels span the course of more than 30 years as he tries to find love and happiness again, even if it means having a life without his former owner.

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  • The Season of Styx Malone

    by Kekla Magoon Year Published: 2018

    The Season of Styx Malone. This memorable novel about three African-American boys in small-town Indiana opens with a trade: Bobby Gene and his little brother, Caleb, swap their baby sister for a sack of fireworks. Though the child is returned immediately, the brothers (ages 11 and 10) get to keep the fireworks.

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  • The Sisters Grimm

    by Michael Buckley Year Published: 2005

    Orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne  are sent to live with their newly discovered grandmother, Relda Grimm, in the strange town of Ferryport Landing. The girls soon learn a family secret: that they are descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm, whose book of fairy tales is actually a history book. When a terrorizing giant goes on a rampage through the town, it’s up to the Sisters Grimm to stop him and to solve the mystery of who set the giant loose in the first place. Was it Mayor Charming, formerly Prince Charming, who desperately wants his kingdom back? The Three Not-So-Little Pigs, the shifty town cops? Or one of the many other fairy-tale characters who seem to have it out for the Grimms?

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  • The Skirt

    by Gary Soto Year Published: 1992

    Miata has left the beautiful folklórico skirt her mother wore in Mexico on the bus. She was going to wear the skirt on Sunday when her dance group performed folklórico. Can Miata and her friend Ana rescue the precious skirt in time?

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