• AVID is a college preparatory program in which students become the facilitator of their own academic success. AVID provides daily study groups directed by professional tutors, a structure of note-taking and organization aimed at refining skills necessary for success in middle school, high school and college, and an arena for expanding the college-level entry skills of students underrepresented in higher education. Success in AVID is measured by students’ success in high school and college academics.

    Students are selected to apply for AVID based on a discrepancy between average to high math scores on standardized tests and average to low English scores, as well as school records which show a lower-than-expected grade point average and/or programming into classes that do not maximize their potential. When selected for the program, students are programmed into college preparatory classes designed to fulfill the requirements needed for entry into college.

    The AVID curriculum includes seminars on lecture and textbook note taking, time management, test-taking strategies with particular emphasis on the PSAT and SAT tests, and writing development through various modes of discourse. AVID students receive individualized assistance from tutors, instructors and fellow students, and are provided with individualized academic counseling. Through AVID, students are assisted with the preparation of college applications and financial aid forms.

    Guest speakers, field trips, and interaction in community and cultural activities enhance the AVID program. The support and involvement of parents is critical to students’ success in the program, although the true motivation to succeed in AVID, as well as in all classes, comes from students themselves.

    AVID comes from the Latin word avidus, meaning “eager for knowledge.” Since its beginning in California, the success of the program has been reflected in increases in students’ grade point averages, SAT scores, college placements and self-esteem. As a member of the AVID team, you can become a part in developing the academic and personal strength of students who have made a commitment to become actively involved in their own education.