Maintenance and Operations

  • The Maintenance and Operations department is responsible for: 

    Carpentry/General Maintenance (909) 357-7520
    The building repair and remodeling of existing District facilities.  Includes repairs to roofing systems, flooring (carpet, ceramic and vinyl composite tile), interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, and trim, furniture, and wood fencing. Fabrication and installation of office furniture and cabinetry. Installation and repair of all related building system components. Integrated Pest Control repairs.

    Specialized Services (909) 357-7520
    The maintenance, fabrication, installation, and repair of building door closures, locks, keys, panic hardware, gates, fences, welding, building glass, screens, widow hardware, elevators, fire and intrusion alarms, preventative maintenance of wheelchair lifts, fire extinguisher servicing and repair.

    Mechanical Systems (909) 357-7520
    The installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, and interior/exterior lighting systems. Swimming pool equipment maintenance and repair.

    Moving Crew (909) 357-7520
    The relocation of all furniture and related equipment in classrooms, administrative offices, gymnasiums, and theaters. Also responsible for the setup and teardown of tables and chairs for District-wide special events.

    Paint Shop (909) 357-7520
    The painting of all interior and exterior of building surfaces, marking paved athletic areas, doors, pavement/parking lot lines, handicap ramps, and furniture. Responsible for graffiti removal. Fabrication and installation of stenciling and signage throughout the District.

    Department Contacts:

    Maintenance and Operations  (909) 357-7520, ext. 29414

      Luis Estrada, Director (909) 357-7520, ext. 29414
      Karen S. Woodall, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-7520, ext. 29414