• The Fontana Unified School District Transportation Services department transports Fontana students to and from school in a safe and efficient manner.

    To Register your child to ride the bus, please call (909) 357-7510.

    Walking Distances for Each Grade Level

    Kindergarten 1/2 Mile
    Grades 1-5 1 Mile
    Grades 6-8 3 1/4 Miles
    Grades 9-12 4 Miles

    All high school and middle school students that live within the District-defined walking distance from their school are not eligible for school bus transportation. Additionally, transportation may not be available to any elementary school student who resides within the walking distance to their school or to any student that is not attending their home school.  See the chart above for the District-defined walking distances. Students who reside outside the boundaries of the Fontana Unified School District are not eligible for school bus transportation.

    Special Education Students: 

    Some Special Education students who are severely challenged or orthopedically-impaired may receive free transportation. Contact your school psychologist. If the student's IEP requires transportation, free transportation will be provided as it has in the past. Student enrolled in Resource Specialist Programs or receive Designated Instruction Services, such as speech and language programs only, will have to pay the home-to-school transportation fees.

    Department Contacts:

    Transportation  (909) 357-7510, Main Line Ext. 29500

      Mary Stevens, Director (909) 357-7510, ext. 29500
      Rick Kisinger, Supervisor (909) 357-7510, ext. 29503