Strategic Plan

  • Transforming Together Strategic Framework

    The framework for Transforming Together will serve as a roadmap for Fontana Unified, and comes at a critical time in education. Most states around the country, including California, recently adopted the Common Core Standards, which set benchmarks and guidelines for what each student should learn. New standardized tests are being implemented to reflect these new learning standards, which focus on critical thinking skills. The state has established a new state accountability tool called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), and the goals of Transforming Together meet these guidelines.

    Transforming Together was developed in fall 2014, with input from over 1,400 stakeholders, including teachers, staff, parents, students, principals, and community organizations. The framework includes three major goals, called “Cornerstones of Success”, which are:

    • Empowered Communities - the idea that schools cultivate healthy environments through partnerships with family and community to support student achievement
    • Engaging Schools - the belief that given high-quality resources, leaders and teachers can provide a comprehensive learning environment bringing education into the 21st century
    • Every Student Successful - in which all Fontana schools will demonstrate a relentless focus on preparing students for success in college, career and life.
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