Bid Process

  • The district purchases equipment, supplies and services using competitive bidding when required by law and in accordance with statutory requirements for bidding and bidding procedures.  In those circumstances where the law does not require competitive bidding, the Governing Board may still request that a contract be competitively bid if the Board determines that it is in the best interest of the district to do so.  Additionally, the Board may piggyback onto the contract of another public agency or corporation to lease or purchase equipment or supplies to the extent authorized by law.  (Board Policy 3311)

    Formal Bid Limits

    • Equipment/Supplies/Services = $95,200* (excluding instructional aids, textbooks, etc.)
    • Public Works = $60,000** (most construction projects, stand-alone marquees, etc.)

    *  Changes in January each year
    ** Uniform Construction Cost Accounting procedures

    Bid Forms


    Uniform Cost Accounting Procedure:  Request for Inclusion on Qualified Contractor List

    Current Notices Inviting Bids

    Click here to view a list of our current Notices Inviting Bids.

    Notice inviting licensed contractors to be included in the District's list of qualified bidders for calendar year 2020.