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  • Connect with our schools on social media! Celebrate student and staff successes, learn about upcoming events and get a peek inside the learning taking place inside our classrooms.

    FUSD on Facebook 

    Facebook is a free social networking website that helps people communicate with friends, family, and organizations more efficiently. Fontana Unified School District has a Facebook page that is updated with District news items. Become a fan of Fontana Unified School District!

    FUSD on Twitter

    Twitter is a free social networking service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Subscribers may choose to read tweets on the Twitter site itself, have them delivered to their phone via text message, or access through an app on a smartphone or other Internet resource. 

    If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a free account, then follow Fontana USD. FUSD uses its twitter account to notify subscribers when new features or news items have been posted to the District website.

    Follow our Schools on Twitter:

    Fontana Adult School @FUSD_FAS
    A.B. Miller High School @RebelNationABM
    (Eric) Birch High School @FUSD_BirchHigh
    Citrus High School @FUSD_CitrusHS
    Fontana High School @Fohi_Steelers
    Jurupa Hills High School @FUSD_JHillsHS
    Kaiser High School @FUSD_KaiserHS
    - Kaiser High School - ASB @KHSASB
    Summit High School @SummitSkyHawks
    - Summit ASB @summitcheerlife
    - Summit Cheer @SummitASB
    Alder Middle School @FUSD_AlderMS
    Almeria Middle School @FUSD_AlmeriaMS
    Fontana Middle School @FUSD_FMSTrojans
    (Wayne) Ruble Middle School @FUSD_Ruble
    Sequoia Middle School @Sequoia_Eagles
    - Sequoia Eagles Archery @Eagles_Archery
    - Sequoia Renaissance @SequoiaRen
    Southridge Tech Middle School @FUSD_Southridge
    Truman Middle School @FUSD_TrumanMS
    Almond Elementary School @FUSD_Almond
    Beech Avenue Elementary School @FUSD_BeechPrin
    (Kathy) Binks Elementary School @FUSD_Binks
    Canyon Crest Elementary School @FUSD_CanyonCres
    Chaparral Academy of Technology @FUSD_Chapparal
    Citrus Elementary School @FUSD_CitrusEl
    Cypress Elementary School @FUSD_Cypress
    Date Elementary School @FUSD_Date
    Dolores Huerta International Academy  
    Dorothy Grant Innovations Academy @DGrantElem
    Hemlock Elementary School @FUSD_Hemlock
    Juniper Elementary School  
    Live Oak Elementary School @FUSD_LiveOak
    Locust Elementary School @FUSD_Locust
    Maple Elementary School @FUSD_Maple
    Mango Elementary School @MangoElemSchool
    North Tamarind Elementary School @FUSD_NTamarind
    Oak Park Elementary School @FUSD_OakPark
    Oleander Elementary School @FUSD_OleBears
    Palmetto Elementary School @PalmettoTigers
    Poplar Elementary School @FUSD_Poplar
    (Ted J.) Porter Elementary School @FUSD_Porter
    (Virginia) Primrose Elementary School @PrimroseEagles
    Randall Pepper Elementary School @FUSD_RP
    Redwood Elementary School @Redwood_Fontana
    Shadow Hills Elementary School @FUSD_ShadowHill
    Sierra Lakes Elementary School @FUSD_SierraLake
    South Tamarind Elementary School @FUSD_STamarind
    Tokay Elementary School @FUSD_Tokay
    West Randall Elementary School @FUSD_WRandall

    Follow FUSD Departments on Twitter:

    Fontana Unified School District
    FUSD's Official Twitter account.

    School site events and programs are showcased.
    All emergency and urgent communications are tweeted through this account.
    Superintendent Randal S. Bassett highlights information regarding FUSD programs, events and school sites.
    Teaching and Learning
    Associate Superintendent Mike Inbody and her team highlight information regarding FUSD programs, events and school sites.
    Fontana School Police
    Chief Martin Sissac and his team share all essential emergency information, as well as FUSD programs, services, and events.
    All emergency and urgent communications are tweeted through this account.
    Special Projects
    Director Dr. Shannon Miller showcases ongoing projects and events occurring throughout FUSD.
    Family and Community Engagement
    Principal-on-Assignment Michael Garcia and his team highlight information regarding parent and community events occurring throughout FUSD.
    Secondary Schools
    Executive Director Gorge Santiago showcases middle school and high school projects and events throughout FUSD.

    FUSD on Instagram 

    Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. Fontana Unified School District has a Instagram account that is updated with photos of District events. Follow us on Instagram!