• Discipline consequences are based on individual incidents. The final decision is at the discretion of the administrators. All students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to contribute to a productive learning environment. The purpose of the student discipline policy at Eric Birch High School is to maintain an educational environment conducive to learning and to protect the safety and health of all pupils. Teachers, campus supervisors, and all other Eric Birch High School staff members will assist in encouraging students to follow the rules and regulations of the school, the district, and the laws of the State of California.

    Penal Code 628.5 Pupils Right to Attend Safe Schools: The Legislature hereby recognizes that ALL pupils enrolled in the California public schools have the inalienable right to attend classes on campuses that are SAFE, SECURE, and PEACEFUL.

    Failure to comply with the conditions listed below may result in a recommendation for expulsion.


  • Other violations that lead to consequences

  • Juvenile Citations

  • Education Code 48915: Mandatory Recommendations for Expulsions

  • Education Code 48900.7: Terroristic Threat Against School Officials, School Property or Both

  • Education Code 48900.4: Harassment, Intimidation, etc.

  • Education Code: 48900.3: Act of Hate Violence

  • Education Code 48900.2: Sexual Harrassment

  • Education Code 48900

  • Cyber Bullying/Cyber Threats

  • Arrestable Violations