• How do I request a transcript?

    • Complete the records and transcript request form here


    What is the difference between an “official” and “unofficial” transcript?

    • Unofficial transcripts are available immediately, even if fees are owed
    • Official transcripts will have a qualified school official's signature and the school embossed seal. Only official transcripts are recognized as valid proof of your academic performance by other educational institutions (other high schools, colleges, universities, job sites etc.)


    How do I get a copy of my “official” or “unofficial” transcript?

    • "Official" transcripts must be requested through Naviance
    • "Unofficial" transcripts can be requested from the Guidance Techs or Counselor


    How will I receive my request copy of either “official” or “unofficial” transcript?

    • Unofficial transcripts  - They will be available same day and you will be notified when you can pick up or it will arrive in you inbox.
    • Official transcripts can take up to 48 hours and you will be notified when they have been processed. Please check your inbox for the notification it has been mailed/emailed or is ready for pick up.


    What could delay the process of my “official” transcript request?

    If you owe fees to any schools for past materials (books, calculators, uniforms, etc), then your request will be denied and you will have to pay all fees and re-submit your transcript request.


    What do I need to pick up an “official” transcript?

    A valid photo ID or high school ID card


    What if I graduated more than 3 years ago?

    Contact the Central Records Office at

    Phone: (909) 357 - 7600 ext. 29301

    Fax: (909) 357 - 7641


    Who do I contact for more information?

    Call the Kaiser High School Registrar, Jena Impastato at

    Phone: (909) 357-5900 ext. 14177