Developer Fees

  • Developer Fees

    In order to help finance the construction or reconstruction of school facilities needed to accommodate students coming from new development, the FUSD Governing Board may establish, levy and collect developer fees on residential, commercial and industrial construction within the district, subject to restrictions specified by law and administrative regulation. (Board Policy 7211)

    There are two mechanisms for paying developer fees. One is to contact the Office of Facilities Planning and arrange payment per the developer fee schedule listed below. The other is to enter into a Community Facilities District (CFD). For information in regard to CFD formation and/or annexation, please contact: Michael Toy, AAL at Parker and Covert (714) 573-0900.

    The City (or County for unincorporated areas) is responsible for calculating square footage as part of the building permit process. You must bring the City or County form with this calculation information with you when paying fees. In order to avoid delays and the need for multiple trips, please call the district Facilities Office first at 357-7528 to make arrangements to fax your paperwork ahead of time and confirm the amount of fee due, so you may obtain the cashier's check or money order in the correct amount.

    After payment of developer fees you will be issued a "Certificate of Compliance" to be submitted to the City (or County for unincorporated areas). The Certificate of Compliance is required before a building permit can be issued.

    Guide to School Facility Fees

    Type of Construction Cost per Square Foot
    Residential (Non-Commercial)




    Commercial Industrial


    Senior Housing


    Please note that fees are subject to change. Cashiers Check or Money Order Payable to: Fontana Unified School District

    Developer Fees Contacts:

    Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction  (909) 357-7528

      Tim De Land, Director (909) 357-7528, ext. 29456
      Nicole LaCroix, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-7528, ext. 29456